Saturday, May 14, 2011

My room! :)

I've been getting a lot of requests on my formspring that I should post more pictures of my room, probably on facebook but I'll do it here. My room is not so tidy I know xD

My Professor Green corner. I am obsessed with Professor Green (I might got to his concert in London this summer but I'll post about that later, yay!), I have one bigger picture and then I drew this t shirt design of his on my wall, but it turned out kind of weird and not symmetrical, I was not trying hard enough I guess. Then we have a drawing of Alice from alice in wonderland on the left, it's not mine though. And stickers :)

My door and the left corner of my room. We have my little Gaga collage here, some drawings (also not mine, my friend used to print these out a lot and she gave some of them to me), a My Chemical Romance poster, some family pictures, diesel ads, a Fall out Boy poster I got when pre-ordering folie a deux, a Gaga poster, an Emily the Strange poster but it's soon gonna fall off anyways (it was taped on the ceiling because I'm running out of space on the other walls), a Jessie J poster, a Oli sykes poster, a drawing of myself I did, a collage of  bills, random papers and candy wrappers I got from London in 2009, our school calendar, and some other random stuff.

This is my main wall, it's the wall behind my bed, and it's almost entirely dedicated to my favorite band of all time, Fall out Boy. I've been collecting their posters for 5 years. I also have a collage with every picture I found in magazines, but I'm saving it for when we move (I might get a bigger room).

My Blink-182 drawing which turned out ok, but is still kind of odd. I don't own a blink poster, but I love them so much so I drew their logo on my wall :)

The part other part of wall, right under the blink drawing and Fall out boy posters. I have a Peter Fox poster, Bring Me the horizon, and a Papa Roach poster I'm proud of because it's from Kerrang magazine, I got it in 2009 in London, they don't sell Kerrang here and they don't really have Papa Roach posters in Croatia. 

The other part of the wall from picture 2. Some more Fall out Boy posters, a Emily the strange poster (I got them from her comics in germany, btw.) a picture of Seattle, some more Gaga pictures, a Gerard Way poster,   a poster from last year's hardcore punk festival in my town, some more random stuff, my energy drink collection, a Nicki Minaj poster, pokemon posters.

Here are some more drawings my friend gave me, I love the Pete Wentz drawings. A Lady Gaga poster, some more family pictures, and Fall Out boy lyrics under the Pete Wentz drawings.

one side of my closet. I painted on lyrics from Sophomore slump or comeback of the year by Fall out Boy (it's my favorite song ever), a poster of Kill 'Em dead cowboy's concert in my town a few months ago, some articles about Blink 182 and All Time Low from last year's Kerrang magazine my friend got me, a Green Day Poster, a Family Force 5 picture, a picture of London (it's my favorite city)

A My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco, some more Fall Out Boy :)

My bed and my picture collage. This took me a few months because I just took pictures I really like,not just random stuff. We have all kinds of stuff here, from Perez Hilton to Panic At The Disco, models, bands, Gaga, fashion, movies etc. :)

And that's basically it :D 


  1. I just came across your blog from a buzzfeed article. c: